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Are You on Your Feet All Day? How Bunion Surgery Can Help

Cashiers, surgeons, construction workers, and teachers are examples of people who are often on their feet for hours every day without much chance of a rest. For many people, this type of work is very invigorating and exciting. However, it can cause health issues such as bunions that can make their job difficult. Surgery may be necessary for those in this situation. 

Bunions May Cause Much Pain

People who stand a lot or who walk regularly for their job may easily develop what are known as bunions on their feet. A bunion is a bone bump that typically develops on the inside of the foot near the big toe. They form on the joint area and can cause a lot of pain because they put excessive pressure on the foot in a way that impacts the joint, the nerves, and more.

For example, a person who has to stand regularly during their job may find that the pressure is hard to tolerate. Even worse, they may end up causing the bunion to develop even more rapidly, causing pain to worsen. Some people with bunions may not even be able to walk or stand without heavy pain, which could cause them to need either pain management or surgery to be okay again.

Surgery May Help

Although pain medications may help for some symptoms of bunions, most people are going to need to get surgery to manage this problem. Thankfully, surgery for bunions is usually fairly simple and doesn't require a lot of difficult steps to properly manage. Most of the time, bunion surgery is considered an outpatient procedure and a person who goes through it may be able to go back to work in a few days.

Types of bunion surgery vary depending on the severity of the condition. For example, all types will remove the bunion but some will either fix the joint position or add metal plates to correct the positioning of the foot. Those who stand a lot for their job may want to consider the metal plate because it can provide them with the extra support needed to keep their foot as strong as possible.

People going through this type of treatment need to make sure that they talk to their general practitioner, first, to see if they have any problems that could complicate their recovery. For example, those with high blood pressure may need to take certain medications before surgery to ensure that they don't experience any complications. 

Learn more about bunion surgery by contacting local medical clinics.