You Only Have Your Health

Sailboat Safety To Minimize Disruptions And Care For Your Passengers

Do you know what to do if an emergency occurs while you are spending time on your sailboat? Most people anticipate having an enjoyable time while out on the water, but an injury or an allergic reaction could result in needing to bring your boat back to shore. If you have been relying upon a standard first aid kit for unexpected circumstances, you may want to add an extra layer of protection, by investing in a lifeboat first aid kit.

Purchase A Kit That Can Handle Multiple Situations

Even under the best circumstances, an incident can occur that you and your passengers haven't prepared for. It is always best to know about any underlying medical conditions or allergies that your guests suffer from, prior to embarking on a trip at sea. In addition, learn about the supplies that are included in the kit that you anticipate purchasing.

A kit that covers everything from burns to fractures will minimize disruptions while you and others are out, plus will ensure that an individual's health and safety is preserved, prior to disembarking the watercraft and being transported to a medical facility for further treatment. After acquiring a new kit, familiarize yourself with its contents and read the booklet that was included with your purchase, for helpful pointers.

Participate In A First Aid Course

If you are the captain of your water vessel, it is imperative that you know how to respond to an emergency, especially if you are going to be responsible for your passengers. A first aid course will teach you the basics, including how to clean and dress a wound, how to assess and divert a potentially dangerous situation, and how to care for an injured or sick passenger, while en route to the shore.

If you have someone who usually accompanies you while participating in each boating adventure, request that they also sign up for a first aid course. In addition, do not use your boat for solo adventures. This can be very risky and could potentially place your life in danger if you were to incur an injury and did not have anyone nearby who could assist you.

Keep your new first aid kit in a dry compartment that is easily accessible. If you do not have a storage bin installed on your watercraft, invest in a waterproof storage container and place the kit inside of it. If you use any of the supplies that are in the kit, replace them before heading out for your next boating adventure.