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Getting Help From A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Increases Success

Helping a loved one get over a drug or alcohol addiction is hard physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is important you understand you do not have to go through it all alone. In fact, the results are often better when you have help. A bit of research will provide you with the different drug and alcohol treatment facilities in your area. No one treatment is going to work for everyone so you need to consider what is happening with your loved one, how they react to getting help, and how much you can do yourself. It is imperative that you are honest with yourself about things. You may even want to visit a treatment center yourself, to get to the truth. Once you have the answers, you can make a better decision for the treatment type of your loved one. Here are just a few you will be able to choose from.

Residential Treatments

Residential treatment involves having your loved one stay at the treatment facility full-time. It would be similar to admitting them to a hospital for some type of surgery. The professionals there will care for the patient. If medications are needed to help wean the patient off the drugs or alcohol, they will be administered by medical personnel. This type of treatment is often used for the detoxification portion of treatment. Detoxification is when the patient will experience the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of withdrawal.

Once they are no longer taking any of the drug or drinking any alcohol, the rehabilitation portion begins. There may still be mental and emotional issues, but the physical withdrawal will be over. You, your loved one, and the people at the treatment center will meet to discuss whether or not the patient should remain in a residential center for rehabilitation. Often, the patient will stay in a residential center for a short while, until they feel confident they can stay away from the drug or alcohol alone.

Outpatient Treatment

Of course, you have the option of keeping the patient at home with you or letting them stay at their own home during both detoxification and rehabilitation. You can still get any help you need from the treatment center. They can provide you with the medications to help with withdrawal as well as teach you how to monitor the patient and ways to help with the emotional and mental anguish the patient may experience.

Rehabilitation from either drug or alcohol dependency takes time. This is why both residential and outpatient treatments are used. Rehab will involve counseling, and possibly meetings with organizations like Alcohol or Narcotics Anonymous. It is not going to be easy. However, with the help of a drug and alcohol treatment center, you and your loved one will get through it.

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