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What Are Your Options For Hiding or Getting Rid Of A Port Wine Stain As An Adult?

Port wine stains are present from birth. Many parents choose to have them addressed when the child is young, but some parents choose to leave them. If you are an adult who has a port wine stain that was not treated when you were young, then you may be wondering what your options are now. When it comes down to it, there are two primary options to explore.

1. Camouflage Makeup

This is definitely the safest option, especially if your port wine stain is located very close to your eye. Before you throw up your hands in frustration because you've tried covering your port wine stain with foundation and it did not work, note that true camouflage makeup is different. This heavy-duty makeup, which is sometimes also sold as stage makeup, is much thicker than your standard foundation. It is also designed to take on the texture of skin once it is applied, so it won't look like you're wearing thick makeup.

When you apply camouflage makeup, you typically do it in three steps. First, you apply a primer, which moisturizes the skin and makes sure your makeup has a nice surface to stick to. Next, you apply a green-tinted foundation, which cancels out the red in your port wine stain. Finally, you apply the skin-toned foundation, which covers the green. Using makeup sponges or brushes for application can help you achieve good results. This heavy-duty stage makeup typically lasts multiple hours.

2. Laser Treatment

If you do not want to apply makeup every day, then you may want to look into laser treatment for your port wine stain. This therapy uses a laser that specifically interacts with the blood vessels beneath your skin. It will heat up the blood vessels to the point that they are damaged, and your body then reabsorbs the tissue. You will need several laser therapy sessions spaced out over a period of several months.

Laser therapy can be uncomfortable. Your doctor may inject the area with a local anesthetic prior to the procedure to reduce pain. Your skin will be really sensitive for a week or two after treatment, so you will need to stay out of the sun and use gentle cosmetics. Once you are healed, however, your port wine stain should be basically invisible.

Whether you choose makeup or laser treatment, rest assured that it is possible to do something about your port wine stain. Talk to your doctor to learn more about port wine stains.