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Medical Cannabis Tips To Keep In Mind

Do you have a condition or disease that you feel might be treatable with medical cannabis? If so, you might be looking into contacting a doctor in order to get more information. But you should still use some caution as you move forward. Cannabis is often talked about as if it's a wonder drug for certain patients, and it's true that it does offer some unique benefits. But if you want to get the most out of your medical cannabis experience, here's what you need to know.

Not All Cannabis is the Same

Cannabis and/or medicinal marijuana can come in a variety of different strains. Not all cannabis or marijuana is equal, in other words. Some cannabis can have a higher concentration of THC or CBD, the chemical components or active ingredients that do most of the work. In general, when people talk about getting "high", it is the THC that causes this reaction, although THC can also be useful for some conditions. CBD, on the other hand, can offer therapeutic properties but without the high. Talk to your doctor about your specific condition and what you should be looking for in medical cannabis. Getting cannabis with too high or too low of a level of either THC or CBD may be counterproductive for your condition.

Side Effects Are Possible So Use Caution

It doesn't happen to everyone, but you should know that like all drugs, side effects are possible. Side effects most frequently hit medical cannabis users when they are just starting out with the drug or take too high of a dose. Some common side effects might include paranoia or a panic attack. If you encounter a side effect, stop taking your medical cannabis and go to your doctor to address the situation. It's possible changing your dose or switching to a different kind of cannabis might solve the problem. Medical cannabis is designed to help you, but you have to understand your body and respond accordingly if it's clear your treatment needs an adjustment.

Laws Still Vary From State to State

A majority of states in the United States now allow medical cannabis and there are even some states that allow marijuana for recreational use. But no matter how liberal with cannabis use you believe your state may be, you should comply with the terms of the prescription or recommendation given to you by your doctor. Getting a doctor's OK to use cannabis is not an excuse to start experimenting with multiple types of marijuana or other types of drugs. Keep your doctor in the know with what you are up to in order to ensure you are on the right side of the law.

For more information on medical cannabis, reach out to your doctor or local dispensary.