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Keeping You And Baby Safe During These Uncertain Times: What You Should Know

During these times, it can be very scary as a pregnant woman. You aren't just worried about you getting the virus COVID-19, you are also worried and concerned about your baby getting the virus as well. Read on for tips to help keep yourself and your baby safe from COVID-19.

1. Wear A Mask In Public

Wearing a mask in public places can help prevent the spread of droplets to you and to your baby. Whenever you have to be somewhere public, such as the grocery store, or if you are working during these times, you should wear a mask to protect yourself. Wear the mask so it fits comfortably and is tight enough against your face and nose that it doesn't allow any outside matter from getting inside. If you are working with the public, talk to your employer about offering you masks, or you can make your own at home.

2. Wash Your Hands Often

Be sure you wash your hands often when you come home from anywhere public, or after you come home from work. If you have to pump gas, wear gloves if you have them, or keep sanitizer or wipes on hand to allow you to sanitize your hands afterwards. Never touch your face if you aren't able to wash your hands or don't have sanitizer available.

3. Avoid Contact

It's a beautiful time of your life, and there may be a lot of family members wanting to give you a hug or touch your belly, but don't allow this to occur. Try to limit as much physical contact with others as possible, outside of your family that you live with. Physical contact is one way this virus is spread, and it's important to protect yourself and your unborn child against it.

4. Continue With Your Regular OB Appointments

You will need to keep up with your regular OB appointments to be sure your baby is kept safe each month. Talk to your obstetrician's office about any new updates with appointment procedures to ensure you and your baby are staying as safe as possible. These appointments are important, as your obstetrician is keeping a close eye and monitoring your baby's progress each month. Missing appointments could miss something very important along the way, so be sure to keep up with these regular visits.

During these uncertain times, do what you can to keep both you and your baby safe against the COVID-19 virus. Talk to your obstetrician about other helpful information or to set up an OB appointment.