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Breast Augmentation Before Childbirth: What To Consider

The choice for elective breast augmentation surgery is one that you have the right to make whenever it feels right for you. However, as you make this choice, there are some factors you want to keep in mind — more specifically, your childbirth plans. If you have plans to conceive a child in the near future, it is a good idea to take a closer look to determine if post-pregnancy augmentation is best for you.

Hormones Bring About Changes

Pregnancy is a hormonal time, and not just in terms of the way you feel. At the moment of conception, a heave of hormones begins to flood your body. This increase in hormones affects the way your body feels and looks. In terms of your appearance, one of the more noticeable changes is a dramatic increase in breast fullness. 

For women who have their breasts enlarged, the increase in fullness can cause some discomfort as they adjust to even larger breasts. Keep in mind that if you decide to nurse, this fullness will remain until after you have finished.

Breast Feeding Concerns Are Possible

It is important to mention that the majority of women who have breast augmentation surgery are able to breastfeed without any concern. However, there is a small group of women who face challenges. For these women, this outcome has less to do with the work of the surgeon, and everything to do with how their body responds. 

Unfortunately, you do not know which group you will be in until it is time to nurse. If you are someone who is adamant that breastfeeding is a part of your child-rearing process, you should think about your decision to have the augmentation performed before pregnancy.

A Revision Procedure Might be Necessary

It is natural and normal to see a change in your body post-pregnancy. For some women, this change is added weight and for some, it is sagging skin around the breast brought on by the stretching caused by the production of breast milk.

For these reasons, there are occasions when revision surgery is necessary to correct any problems brought on by pregnancy. Similar to breastfeeding concerns, you have no idea how your body and breast shape will change as a result of pregnancy, beforehand. 

It is always a good idea to sit down and speak with a surgeon about your needs and to ensure you make the right decision for yourself.