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Is Your Child Allergic To Traditional Lice Treatments?

If your child has lice but is allergic to traditional lice treatments, you need a safe way to treat your child safely. Some children can be allergic to the ingredients found in traditional store-bought lice treatments. Fortunately, you can treat your child's lice without causing further problems for them. Learn how you can treat and prevent lice in your loved one below.

Why Is Your Child Allergic to OTC Lice Treatment?

Most parents rely on retail grade lice treatments to help their loved ones. However, many products contain permethrin and pyrethrin. While both ingredients prove effective to remove lice and their nits, the ingredients may cause side effects in some children.

The side effects of traditional head lice treatments may include:

These are just a few side effects some children experience from the treatments above. An in-house head lice clinic may be able to treat your loved one's head lice with different types of treatments.

How Do You Treat Your Child Safely?

A number of head lice treatment clinics use non-medicated methods to remove lice from adults and children, including heat treatments. The treatments use heated air to dry out or dehydrate, the pests. Without moisture, lice and their eggs can't survive.

After treatment, your child may or may not need to return to the clinic for a follow-up. Most children don't need follow up appointments after undergoing heat treatment. If your child still has a few lice or eggs in their hair, a clinic may treat them with heat or another non-medicated method. A clinic may choose to monitor your child's hair and scalp to ensure they stay free of lice.

A clinic will generally provide information on how you can prevent lice from infecting your child in the future. The information may include:

If your child attends playgroups, sports, or another activity regularly, you wish to bring your child into a clinic for regular checkups. The checkups can help prevent further lice infestations in your child.

If your loved one can't use traditional lice treatments and needs care now, contact an in clinic lice treatment service near you today.