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Can Virtual Preventative Care Benefit You?

Adults and children should receive preventative care as much as possible to stay healthy. But with all the problems going on in the United States, it may be difficult for many people to see their doctors on a regular or routine basis. If you're struggling to see your regular doctor for routine care, consider virtual preventative care. Learn more about preventative care and how it benefits you below.

What's Virtual Preventative Care?

Virtual preventative care is an online or digital healthcare service offered to adults and children in the United States. Online preventative care allows you to converse with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in any setting you choose, including your home or private office. 

Virtual preventative care covers a number of things that may affect your overall health, including viral infections, menopause, heart disease, and cancer. You can also discuss issues you might have that affect your weight, diet, and nutrition. You may be able to relay some of your concerns through virtual questionnaires, exams, and patient blogs.

Online care can be a great help to you in times of uncertainty. But in order for you to complete your virtual care properly, you must prepare for it.

How Do You Prepare for Your Virtual Checkup?

The first thing you want to do is contact a virtual care provider and schedule an appointment. You want to choose an appointment that allows you plenty of time and privacy to relay your concerns to a doctor or nurse. Your appointment should also provide you with enough time to complete your online medical questionnaire. You may have the option of completing the forms ahead of time.

A virtual practitioner may need information about your weight, diet, and lifestyle. The information can help determine whether or not you're in reasonably good health. If possible, ask your regular doctor to send a copy of your medical records to an online provider. 

Next, be as candid about your health concerns as you can. If you have specific concerns about your reproductive health, heart, or lifestyle, inform a virtual practitioner right away. A virtual doctor may schedule you for an in-person visit sometime in the future if you require additional exams or treatment.

Also, be sure to charge your phone, laptop, or tablet prior to your appointment. Depending on the answers you submitted on your medical questionnaire, your appointment may take longer than originally expected.

You can learn about virtual preventative care and how to use it by contacting a provider soon.