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3 Reasons to Consider Cremation After a Loved One Passes in a Car Accident

When you lose a loved one suddenly in a car crash, you find yourself making funeral plans that you never thought you would have to make so soon. Especially if the person who passed was younger, they probably don't have a funeral plan in place, and so you may have to make a lot of the decisions — including whether to have the body cremated or embalmed. Although everyone's situation is different, a lot of family members find cremation to be the best choice when a loved one is killed in a car crash. Here are some reasons to consider this option.

1. Cremation allows the body to be present at the service

If your loved one's body is in a poor state after the accident, it may not be possible to have a viewing. With cremation, you do not have to worry about having a viewing, but the body can be present at the funeral — encased in an urn. Many funeral attendees will take comfort in knowing the remains are present. They can pay their respects, say a prayer in front of the urn, and so forth.

2. Cremation gives you more time to plan the funeral.

Since this death was sudden, friends and loved ones have not planned for it. There are probably a lot of people who would love to come to the funeral, but who may not be able to make travel plans or get out of work on such short notice. If you have the body cremated, there is no rush to plan the funeral. You can plan it for a month from now, giving people more time to plan on attending.

3. Cremation allows your loved one to be "laid to rest" in multiple locations.

When a loved one dies suddenly in an accident, you may not know where to lay their body to rest. They probably didn't leave any instructions in this regard. Cremating them allows you to lie their ashes to rest in multiple spots. For example, with creation, you do not have to choose whether to lay them to rest in their home town or where they currently reside. You can leave some ashes in both places.

When a loved one passes away in a car crash, cremation often makes things simpler — and simpler is what you need during a time of mourning. To learn more about cremation, contact a funeral home near you.