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Pain in Your Back? Treatments That May Ease Your Pain

Pain in your back can cause all sorts of other issues, as simply walking or sitting, and even sleeping at night can be completely uncomfortable. Pain in the back can be caused by a number of things, including injury, strain from heavy lifting, or misalignment. No matter what your back pain is due to, treating it is very important. If you go without treating your pain and instead choose to try and live with it, you may end up worsening your pain or causing you other injuries or issues as well. Read on for a few treatment options to help ease your pain.

Ice and Heat

You can try to use an ice and heat method to treat your pain. Try using a heating pad and a cold pack to ease your pain. Switch in between the heat and ice, not putting either onto your skin directly so as to protect your skin from burning or freezing. Repeat using both the hot and cold pads when relaxing at night. Don't keep them on your back for too long, and never try to sleep with a heating pad on your back either, as this can be dangerous. 

 Weight Loss

Your weight could be a contributing factor in your back pain. Losing a few pounds may be helpful in helping to ease your pain. If you are considerably overweight, or if you just carrying a bit of extra weight, losing those few pounds can help improve your back pain and get you moving around a bit easier again. Talk to your physician about losing weight and what you can do to help you lose weight safely and effectively.


Exercise may help to improve your back pain. Getting up and moving more may help stretch the muscles and ligaments in your back, which can help loosen the tightness you may be feeling. It can also strengthen the muscles in your back, which can help with pain as well. Be sure to talk to your physician before taking on any new type of exercise routine. 


Medication such as over-the-counter pain relievers can help to ease pain, but this may only be a temporary fix. The same goes for prescribed medications. These can only give you temporary relief from your pain, although it may be helpful while you are also treating it in other ways.


Injections such as steroid shots can help ease back pain, although these may also only provide you with temporary relief. Ask your physician about the pros and cons of this type of back pain treatment and how long you should feel relief. 

Back pain can put you out for a while, making everyday activities seem so much harder. If you have back pain, make an appointment with your physician to get proper treatment for some much-needed relief.