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No Energy? It Could Be Low T

There are many reasons why someone might feel tired all the time. Lack of energy can be due to a lack of sleep, a poor diet, or even just managing a lot of stress. But what if you've ruled out a bunch of those possibilities, and you're still feeling tired all the time? If you're a guy, you may want to consider the possibility that you have low testosterone. Here's a c

2 Topical Bacteria-Killers That Help Fight Gum Disease

If you suffer from gum disease and do not like the idea of having to take oral antibiotics to help treat this common problem, then you will be happy to hear that dentists now have many topical gum disease treatments that can help kill the bacteria that causes periodontitis without the need for oral antibiotics. While one of these topical bacteria-killers is a treatmen

3 Signs That You Need Hearing Aids

When holding a conversation, nothing can be more devastating than asking people to repeat whatever they said. If you realize that people around you are more receptive to the things and sounds around you and you're not, it signals a problem with your sense of hearing. If you're struggling to catch up in a conversation, you need quick medical attention and a hearing tes

Five Benefits of CoolSculpting

You have recently achieved tremendous weight loss results, but maybe you're still not happy with your appearance. Stubborn fats may remain in certain areas of your body, and you may want to eliminate them without losing any additional weight. Fortunately, you can target those specific parts with CoolSculpting. The procedure entails freezing body fat to a temperature t

Chronic Pain Can Affect A Lot Of Areas Of Your Life

If you suffer from a condition that causes you chronic pain, then you want to make sure you are getting help with your pain. When you hurt, there are a lot of areas of your life that will be affected. Reading here about some of the ways chronic pain may be affecting you may be just the push you need to decide to finally see someone who can help.  Your job can be