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What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Clinical Imaging?

While you can operate your own clinical imaging services in your hospital, you can also outsource these services to specialist providers. You can set up a contract for a company to manage these procedures either on your site or at their own location.

Why should you consider outsourcing this work?

Outsourcing Reduces Your Equipment Costs

Clinical imaging machines are expensive. You might need to buy CT scanners, MRI machines, x-ray equipment, and ultrasound machines.

This isn't a one-off investment. These machines don't last forever. Plus, in some cases, you might need to buy new machines early. For example, you might want to upgrade working machines to keep up with technological developments so that you always have access to advanced features and diagnostic services.

You also have to factor in repair and maintenance costs here. You pay to keep your machines running smoothly.

If you outsource clinical imaging, then you lose these costs. You don't have to buy machines or pay for repairs and maintenance work. Your imaging provider uses their own machines. They are more likely to upgrade faster because they want to offer enhanced services to their customers.

Outsourcing Reduces Your Employment Costs

You need to hire qualified radiologists and technologists to operate clinical imaging machines. Every person you hire in this department increases your salary and benefits costs.

Plus, if you need a new hire at a time when this market is competitive or low on suitable candidates, then you might have to pay higher salaries to attract applicants. You might have to retain an agency to source candidates for a fee. This increases your per-person average costs.

If you outsource your clinical imaging, then you don't have these costs. You simply pay for the procedures you book. You could see significant savings.

Plus, clinical imaging companies are better positioned to attract talent in this sector. They offer radiologists and technologists the chance to work with state-of-the-art machines on a variety of different procedures. They can attract board-certified and qualified staff you might struggle to hire.

Outsourcing Helps You Treat More Patients

If you have a small clinical imaging department, then your procedures might get backlogged during busy periods. Patients might have to wait longer for a scan or x-ray. This can affect their treatment and clinical outcomes.

If you outsource these procedures, then you can manage busy periods more effectively. Your provider will have more capacity, and your patients will be seen more quickly.

To find out more, contact clinical imaging services companies and ask about their outsourcing options.